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Sports injuries can sometimes cause an accidental blow to the mouth. This could potentially harm soft oral tissues and damage teeth. In some of these cases, the injury might seem minor, and the visible tooth enamel might not even show signs of overt damage.

After a day or two passes, you might find yourself experiencing increased toothache pain or discomfort in the underlying gums. This latent discomfort might mean that inflammation has set into the area distressing the tooth’s root or nerve.

It’s wise to have a tooth-like this examined by a professionally trained dentist like Dr. Donald Hermansen as soon as possible. Without timely treatment, the distressed tooth could be at increased risk of more severe complications.

While you await your appointment you might find some temporary relief by rubbing the surrounding gums with a topical oral analgesic or by taking a single standard dose of over-the-counter pain medication. Just be mindful that this is a temporary relief and not a long-term treatment strategy.

Once Dr. Donald Hermansen has thoroughly examined the tooth they will recommend the most applicable treatment method. This might involve performing a root canal to remove the tooth’s enamel layer, as well as any other traumatized components within the tooth. Then he will rebuild the internal structure of the tooth in preparation for a dental crown restoration.

If you live in the Redwood City, California, area and you are suffering from a toothache that you suspect is linked to a recent oral trauma, you should call 650-716-2500 to have it examined and treated at our dental office.

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