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Your smile contains a socket for each individual tooth and strong periodontal ligaments to keep your teeth in their proper places, but instances such as a hard blow to the face can produce enough force to a tooth from its socket or cause it to fracture at the gums line. The loss of multiple teeth in one section of your smile may necessitate the use of a partial denture to restore proper function. If you can properly preserve a knocked-out tooth, it can often be replaced in the socket and saved, but multiple tooth loss is often better suited for a partial denture–an abbreviation of complete dentures–that restores both the function and look of the missing teeth to help you regain your smile. A partial denture can also contain extra components to enhance its durability and help it attach to the surrounding teeth and maintain its hold, though some patients also use denture adhesive to keep their dentures firmly sealed and prevent food particles from slipping under the appliance. To learn more about your options for replacing multiple teeth or to receive a custom-made partial denture in Redwood City, California, contact Dr. Donald Hermansen  and our team at 650-716-2500 and schedule a visit to Donald R. Hermansen, DDS to speak with our dentist.

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